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Hello Friend welcome this is my blog it's whatever I want it to be. Everything is wonderful here in my small little hut. Supernatural goes on around here with other things I find amusing. *Warning spoilers aren't tagged but who cares we're on hellatus*
*supernatural fan made songs not by me*


39/100 photos of Dean and Castiel


39/100 photos of Dean and Castiel

Something big is going down  end of the world big. 
Then let it end!

Four times we wanted to wrap Sam in a blanket, cuddle him and sing him to sleep. 


“I would also like to point one thing that, some people were like, ‘Oh, that’s so sweet. Jared’s like trying to protect him’. No, Jared was going to stab me, because I fell down, and he was like ‘AHAHAHAHAHAHA’.”


Jensen Ackles, about Jared Padalecki in season 8 gag reel


2.05 - Simon Said

Happy Impala Monday!

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